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Developers deserve a better way to work with databases.

Databases are super-critical to any business, but managing them correctly takes a lot of care and knowledge. To move fast with confidence, software engineering teams need a new way to declare, plan, simulate and deploy changes to database schemas.

We believe that hard, infrastructure problems, such as database management, can only be solved by an open and vibrant community, and so we proudly steward two communities, Ent (a Linux Foundation project) and Atlas (the engine at the core of Ariga’s platform).

What we do

The core insight of the DevOps movement is that quality and velocity are not opposites. On the contrary, the only proven way to achieve high quality is to move fast, very fast. Ariga provides software engineering teams with the fastest and safest way to manage database schema changes.


Do not need to worry about planning safe changes to the database schema. By using a simple data definition language, developers declare the desired schema of their database and our engine.


Can define and enforce policies during continuous integration to prevent dangerous changes way before they happen.


Can deploy schema changes to production with peace of mind as dangerous changes are verified and simulated against real production data.

Proudly Open-source



Ariga was founded by the people behind Ent, a Linux Foundation-backed project that is loved by software engineers in companies of all sizes and shapes. Ent is an entity framework for Go that provides application developers with robust, privacy-aware APIs for working with their data.



At the heart of our products is Atlas, an open-source tool that helps developers define and manage their database schemas using modern DevOps principles. We develop our core-engine in the open out of belief that in order to truly transform the way organizations manage their databases, an open, standards-based ecosystem is the only possible way. We take pride in our codebase and the amazing communities that are forming around it.

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