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Announcing SOC2 Compliance for Atlas Cloud

Atlas Cloud is SOC2 Compliant

Today we are happy to announce that Atlas Cloud, our cloud offering, has achieved SOC2 compliance. This is a big milestone for us, which shows our determination to providing solid infrastructure for our users and customers. 

SOC2 is a security and compliance standard that helps organizations demonstrate their ability to protect customer data and ensure the availability of their services. It’s like an independent third-party audit that evaluates how well a company follows industry-standard security practices, covering areas such as availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.  

Achieving SOC2 compliance requires a significant investment in time, effort, and resources, so you may be wondering why we decided to pursue this goal so early in the life of our product. The knee-jerk response of any seasoned engineer to large and long infrastructure projects should is:

YAGNI. You ain’t gonna need it.

When building software systems, we often spend a huge amount of time developing abstractions and tooling, only to find out that product requirements changed, rendering our work useless. 

The first commandment of the lean movement: Waste Not. Do the minimum you can to learn what will work. Do less to move fast. But there’s another side to this coin: teams with solid infrastructure move way faster. Try driving a sportscar on a shabby dirt road.

So why invest resources in compliance early on?

First of all, are we gonna need it? What are the odds that we won’t need the SOC2 certification, and that it won’t bring us business value? 

Ariga is an open-core company building tools for software engineering teams. We are building Atlas Cloud to be the safest, fastest, and richest way for organizations to manage database schema changes.  

We believe that in order to earn the trust of other organizations, in order for them to grant us the privilege of being infrastructure to their business, we must hold ourselves accountable to rigid standards. 

To be perfectly honest, the vast majority of the things that we were required to demonstrate in the compliance process, such as mandatory code reviews, disaster recovery, and data privacy controls are things that we consider just consider to be solid engineering practices that we hold ourselves accountable to regardless of an external auditing process. 

We are proud of this accomplishment and look forward to continuing to provide our users with the best possible experience using Atlas Cloud. We will continue to invest in our security and compliance programs to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and remain a trusted partner to our customers.


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